32 bit Master Controller

Programmable in C or CoDeSys
with Matlab Support

12 Expansion Board Versions
6 Slots Available
1000s of combinations!

Add Linux Power PC with RTC
Ethernet, USB and 1GB Flash

Putting You in Control Off-Highway

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Why STW?

  • Freely programmable CAN bus controllers, I/O modules and displays
  • German-engineered and manufactured
  • Built to withstand the toughest environments
  • Over 25 years experience in Off-Highway markets
  • The right solutions for over 200 leading OEMs worldwide [Read More…]

In Focus

VDS DiagnosticsOff Highway Telematics

Telematics is one of the hottest trends in off-highway engineering because of the potential it has for increasing productivity, minimizing on-site visits by providing remote diagnostics and monitoring, reducing fuel costs and operating expenses, preventing thefts and increasing safety and service. A combination of telecommunications and informatics, Telematics stands for the ability to send, receive, and store information, and remotely monitor/control vehicles and installations. 

Our Telematics modules and associated Vehicle Data System software are designed specifically for the off-highway industry and come with the following benefits :

  • Powerful linux-based processor system
  • No need for an expert onsite – remote diagnostics for off-highway vehicles and installations
  • Use the connectivity options available at your site – choose from GSM, CDMA, WiFi, Bluetooth and multiple local networking options – CAN, Ethernet, RS-485, etc.
  • Monitor easily through multiple visual display options – Web and PC packages
  • Configure multiple logging scenarios with flexible vehicle and data triggers
  • Unmatched flexibility through our modular design
  • Industry leading reliability and ruggedness standards

Telematics Solutions


CAN Bus Controllers

» Freely Programmable

» 32 bit

» ESX – 3XL (max. 136 I/O)

» ESX – 3XM (max. 65 I/O)

» 16 bit

» ESX (max. 48 I/O)

» ESX – LT (max. 28 I/O)

» ESX – LT Plus (max. 34 I/O)

» ESX – Micro (max. 10 I/O)

» ESX – IOXP (max. 28 I/O)

» Safety Controllers

» I/O Modules



   » ESX-MBC

   » Micro Control Products

» Software and Hardware

» BIOS Library

» Compiler and Debugger

» CAN Interfaces

» CANopen

» CoDeSys

» ISO 11783


» Lauterbach Hardware

» SAE J1939 Standard

» Test Box for ESX


» Pressure Transmitters

» Mobile

» Industrial

» Customized Sensors

» Encoders

» WDG 40A, 58B, 63Q

» Inclinometer

» Pressure Indicator

» Strain Gauge

» Temperature Sensor


» Wachendorff Displays


» ESX – C2C

» ESX – TC3

» ESX – TC3G

» Vehicle Data System

» Expansion Board