Absolute Shaft Encoder Magnetic CAN SAE J1939 WDGA 58D Galvanic Isolation


  • Single-turn/Multi-turn
    – Max. 16,384 steps per revolution (14 bit)
    – Max. 262,144 revolutions (18 bit), with high precision value up to 32 bit
  • EnDra® Multiturn Technology: maintenance-free and environmentally friendly
  • CAN SAE J1939 protocol
  • Forward-looking technology with 32 Bit processor
  • 2-colour-LED as indicator for operating condition
  • High shaft load up to 400 N radial, 400 N axial


Encoder WDGA 58D SAEJ1939 galv. isolation

Product Details

clamping flange


steel case chrome-plated, magnetic shielding

Single-turn Resolution

16.384 steps/360° (14 bit)

Multi-turn Resolution

up to 262,144 revolutions (18 bit)

Ø 12 mm
Shaft length: L: 25 mm
Max. Permissible shaft loading radial: 400 N
Max. Permissible shaft loading axial: 400 N

Max. operating speed
8000 rpm

Power supply
10 VDC up to 32 VDC
Current consumption: typ. 100 mA
Power consumption: max. 1 W

Operating temperature
-40 °C up to +85 °C

Storage temperature
-40 °C up to +100 °C

Protection class
IP67, shaft sealed to IP65