ProAll Partners with STW to Enable Industry Leading On-Site Production of Concrete

ProAll’s Reimer Mixers use a sophisticated control system to mix concrete components with precision at the job site instead of on the road.

The Case

  • On-demand production of concrete at the job-site
  • Concrete mixed based on immediate application need
  • Address market need for various types of concrete for different build projects

The Needs

  • Batch and recipe management
  • Sophisticated process control for automated delivery
  • Needed a freely programmable solution for precise material control

The Solution

  • Developed marketable advantage with closed loop material delivery
  • Eliminated troublesome oil warming conditions improving performance
  • Removed operator adjustments that impacted material quality

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ProAll’s Case

Traditional concrete mixers are loaded with cement, aggregate, and water at a batch plant, then sent to the job site while the concrete is mixed in transit. ProAll’s Reimer Mixers operate on an entirely different principle by bringing the ingredients to the site in separate bins and mixing them on the spot. Using this technology, they can deliver fresh concrete over longer distances and to remote locations without having to worry about the time it takes traditional mixers to get from concrete plant to job site.

These on-demand mixers precisely control the composition of the concrete including the addition of water, coloring, and various other materials to achieve specific characteristics. Reimer Mixers can also be used for a variety of repair jobs, including rapid set mixes for runway repair and latex modified concrete used to overlay bridge decks.

Precision Control

Coordinating the motions of the augers, belt and valves required to achieve the exact mix for each batch of concrete requires a sophisticated control system with capabilities far beyond the simple pump and motor arrangement used on drum-type mixers. Once programmed into the system’s computer, ProAll Reimer Mixers use a multivalve hydraulic manifold to control the belt that conveys materials to the mixing auger in exact quantities.

The Solution

As ProAll developed its electronic control system, it became apparent that a more flexible, freely-programmable controller would allow it to optimize the control algorithms and create a more sophisticated closed-loop control of several operations. ProAll worked with JEM Technical, its integration partner, to select STW’s ESX-3CM controller to perform all the control tasks.

Variations in hydraulic oil temperature due to either environmental conditions or the oil warming up over time impacted the belt speed, which in turn required adjustments to the water added to reach a consistent, desired slump. Curtis Steele, Manager of Product Development for ProAll, said, “by developing a closed loop control of belt speed with STW’s controller, we were able to obtain significantly better results at the site.”

The flexibility of the ESX-3CM controller and its CAN messaging allowed ProAll to perform better calibrations, achieve better mix consistency and water control, and avoid the human error that can sometimes occur due to variations in operator expertise. Lastly, the precise closed-loop control of concrete placement rate allowed ProAll to maximize production at the site.

ProAll, JEM, and STW Technic are continuing their collaboration to further improve performance and will augment this work with telematics and IoT capabilities in the near future.


Products Utilized

ESX-3CM Controller

Our freely programmable CAN Bus controller for rugged environments and cost optimization


About ProAll

ProAll creates solutions for high quality, cost effective concrete. All components are loaded into separate compartments on the truck and mixed on site for a consistent, fresh mix anywhere you want it, at any time. ProAll Mixers excel in conventional commercial and industrial projects, as well as more specialized applications like back-fill/soil stabilization, continuous pours, floor screed/topping, precast, remote locations, and shotcrete.

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About JEM

JEM Technical is a manufacturer and distributor of precision control products for the fluid power industry. They provide machine control systems which include custom valves, unique valve packages, electronic controls, wire harnesses, sensors and other support products that meet or exceed industry requirements. Headquartered west of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, JEM Technical services the upper Midwest and Southeast regions of the US, as well as the three Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. JEM Technical is committed to continuous improvement of product and processes to assure performance, consistency, safety, and value to its customers.

About STW Technic

STW Technic is an award-winning, world class provider of mobile electronics and associated software for automation, digitalization, and electrification of off-highway vehicles, offering a full spectrum of solutions to a wide range of industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, material handling, transportation, military, marine, and oil and gas. STW solutions have attained a leading role in these industries due to their rigorous testing, high quality German engineering and unmatched flexibility. All of STW’s products are mobile off-highway rated.