Diagnostics Package

The STW Diagnostics Package is a PC-based tool that allows both local and remote real-time access to an STW controller for diagnostic, configuration and monitoring purposes.  The tool provides the capability to monitor vehicle or machine behavior by viewing dynamic variables and then adjusting parameters, setpoints or thresholds if desired.  Problems can be diagnosed and vehicle optimization executed without having an expert on-site.

The connectivity part of the package is extraordinarily flexible.  Access to the controller can be achieved locally either through a direct USB to CAN connection or through an Ethernet or WiFi connection.  From remote locations the package can connect over the Internet via cellular networks or through a wired or WiFi connection.

The user interface is friendly and simple.  Variables can be assigned meaningful names and then mapped to gauges, meters, digital readouts and lamps according to the user’s wishes.  Gauge units and scaling are easily modified.  A dynamic listing of variables and their values can be viewed at any time.  A set of variables can be charted over time for later analysis.  Configuration parameters can be viewed, temporarily modified for testing, and then either changed back to the default settings or set with the new values as default.

Key Features

Access to machine data and parameters from outside of the vehicle for diagnostics in real time or quasi-real time

What can be accessed?

Any data or configuration parameters in an STW controller

How is it communicated? 

  • For remote access: by the ESX-TC3 cellular network, WLAN or ethernet to the Internet and on to remote users
  • For local access: To a local ethernet connection – wired or WLAN through the ESX-TC3, or directly from the controller via CAN bus.

How is the data viewed or set (configuration parameters)? 

  • Through visualization (gauges, lights, meters, charts, etc.) programs on a PC that can be easily configured
  • Minimal setup simply through identification of data to be monitored and configuration of the meters and gauges


  • No need for an expert onsite – Monitor off highway vehicles and installations remotely
  • Use the connectivity option available at your site – choose from direct USB to CAN/Ethernet /WiFi /cellular networks
  • Monitor easily through multiple visual display options
  • Troubleshoot problems and optimize vehicle operation remotely by adjusting parameters and thresholds
  • Use in the toughest of conditions  – Tested to highest levels of quality