The solution is STW’s IoT offering, optimized for the world of mobile machines.  With a focus on security and open interfaces, it seamlessly integrates with machines.insight and integrates STW’s connectivity modules, the TC3G and TC1, with an extensive set of cloud-based capabilities.  The standard set of functions can be augmented with applications developed by STW or any other entity using an open, well-documented API.

Here are some of the standard features:

  • Visualization – Visualize live, historic and calculated performance data with dashboards and drill into detail with the Explorer
  • Alarming and notification – define alarms, SMS and Email notifications and various levels of
  • Geo features – Display live position and past routes with geo maps
  • Smart rules – Users can define and implement a wide variety of data handling rules without having to write new code
  • Reports – collect data and produce PDF reports stores variable data from machine modules in a database so that it can be accessed and utilized in an unlimited manner.  The system is built on a scalable architecture and can be structured in a way to completely separate various companies, customers and groups.

STW’s integrates seamlessly with its device software suite, machines.insight, to provide a user-friendly, full stack IoT environment that can be set up, configured and operated with a web browser.


Cockpit – Geofence

Cockpit – Reporting

Cockpit – Reporting Dashboard

Smart Rules for Data Handling

Smart Rules Options

Administration – Users and Roles

Visualization / Dashboard