Draw-wire system SZG140

Measuring range: 0 mm up to 5000 mm
output: incremental or absolute
Rope sheave circumference = 317.68 mm

Product Highlights

  • Ball bearing drill protection
  • Measuring rope (stainless steel)
  • Bushing
  • Quick and easy mounting


Product Description

The draw-wire system SZG140 can be used even where space is tight, thanks to its compact dimensions.
The SZG140 can be mounted quickly and with its highly precise mechanics provides reliable accurate length measurement. The intelligent spring-suspension and the stainless-steel wire cable guarantee long-service life, even in difficult operating conditions.
The mechanics have been perfectly matched to the encoder models  WDGA58B encoders. The encoder is already installed.

Measurement Range – 0 to 5000 mm


Incremental e.g. 2500 pulses and 5 m wire length

Calculation of pulses/mm:Pulses/Rope sheave circumference = Pulses/mm
e.g. 2500 / 317,68 = 7.9 Pulses/mm

Absolute e.g. 12 bit single-turn and 5 m wire length

Calculation of steps/mm: (x = Single-turn resolution)
2X/Rope sheave circumference = Steps/mm
e.g. 212 / 317,68 = 4096 / 317,68 = 12.9 Steps/mm

Signals: Absolute, Incremental

Operating Temperature: incremental: -20 °C up to +80 °C; absolute: -20 °C bis +85 °C

Drawings and STEP Data

All measurements are in mm