machines.insight is the software suite that runs on STW’s connectivity modules – the TC3G and TC1.  These modules are linux-based, and machines.insight is built on top of the Board Support Package (BSP) and Telematics Application Framework (TAF) that come standard with these modules.

The purpose of machines.insight is to provide a web-based interface for configuration, administration and management of all the functions available on the module.  This includes the following:

  • User Administration and Authorization
  • Security and Encryption
  • Device communication and networking setup (CAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, Ethernet, USB etc.)
  • Data reader configuration (CAN, J1939, CANOpen, GPS, etc.)
  • Logging configuration (variables, events, frequency, data format, etc.)
  • Alarm and notification configuration
  • Local viewing of diagnostic visualizations/graphics
  • Local viewing of log files
  • Configuration of interface

This software suite provides both a powerful configuration tool for the module as well as a web-based interface for performing diagnostics on a machine locally with a direct WiFi connection to the device.

Solution Overview

System Configuration

CAN Reader Configuration

J1939 Reader Configuration

GPS Reader

Logger configuration

Event Triggering

Monitoring and Diagnostics

File System – Uploads and Downloads

Flashloader – Over the air (OTA) updates of controller software

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