TCG-4 – Telematics Data Module

TCG4 Product Photo

The TCG-4 is the latest and most powerful on-board telematics modules from STW. This new digitalization platform offers multiple communication interfaces and a powerful processor that makes new and innovative business models possible.

Interfaces include 4G LTE mobile communication technology (with 2G / 3G fallback), WiFi and Bluetooth. The integrated receiver for global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) allows accurate positioning of the machines. All data can be exchanged with authorized users and cloud services at any time.

Sophisticated Internet of Things Connectivity Gateway

With versatile interfaces and protocols, the TCG-4 manages the communication within the machine, among machines (M2M), smart devices and of course to the internet and cloud services. This makes the TCG-4 is a highly adaptable platform for IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

FFF Form Fit Function Compatibility

The proven compatibility concept within the TCG product family means investment security, while continuously making the latest technologies available. The TCG-4 offers the same practical form factor and a pin-compatible connector as the other modules of the TCG product family. The additional features, the sophisticated and proven software libraries including a seamless connection to the cloud complete the product.

Product Features

Technology Benefits
 4G (LTE) The TCG-4 connects machines via 4G LTE (with 3G / 2G fallback) mobile communication technology to the Internet. This ensures reliable connectivity even in regions where no legacy networks (3G / 2G) are available.
Freely programmable The operating system Linux and its wide ranging development ecosystem combined with extensive programming libraries make it fast and easy to develop applications independently and tailor-made for the specific use case.
High performance processor unit The powerful ARM processor, DDR3 memory and extensive data storage facilitate data pre-processing already on the machine (edge computing) even before exchanging data with cloud services.
Remote access & cloud services  machines.X is STW’s extensive solution platform that provides data analysis and processing, sophisticated cloud solutions and full remote access to your machines.
On-machine communication By providing up to 4 CAN buses, Serial, Ethernet, BroadR-Reach and analog (U/I) inputs, the TCG-4 is well prepared for all sorts of on-machine communication.
IoT & M2M Radio communication technologies (LoRaWAN, SigFox) using license free radio bands provide the basis for inexpensive IoT solutions. M2M communication (Wireless M-Bus, WiFi mesh network) makes it possible to create cooperating machine solutions that are independent from any local infrastructure.
Robust design The TCG-4 is particularly designed to operate under rough environmental conditions like vibration, temperature, etc., as they are common in the industry of off-highway working machinery. The TCG-4 complies with all well established standards of the industries.


Product Information

Data Sheet: TCG-4 Telematics Module