The ESX-3XL is the new freely programmable electronic control unit from STW Technic. It is conceived specifically for applications in modern work vehicles, for mobile machines, and for SIL2 safety relevant applications. 

The ESX-3XL is a highly adaptable, scalable, powerful controller with up to 136 I/O points. Its innovative expansion board architecture provides controls engineers with the flexibility to future-proof their design. Six expansion board slots can be used to add I/O and communications capabilities in the initial design or at later stages when enhanced functionality is desired. The expansion board architecture also ensures that a design is optimized for the specific requirements of the mobile application without sacrificing durability.

With a 32 bit microcontroller (Tricore TC1796, 150MHz), 6MB Flash, 4MB RAM and 32kB EEPROM it is  among the most powerful freely programmable control units on the market. 

A highlight of the ESX-3XL is the flexibility and scalability available through intuitive software configuration, and a building block system based around six customer-defined expansion boards. All inputs and outputs in the base system are configurable through software, thus the 28 multi-function inputs can be used as current, voltage, digital or frequency inputs, simply by calling the appropriate function in software.

For customer specific applications, each of the six expansion boards is allocated 14 pins in one of the main connectors. Currently available expansion boards include RS232/RS485, Real Time Clock, additional data memory, incremental encoder inputs, and additional PVG, digital and PWM outputs. The development of new expansion boards with customer specific functionality is undertaken quickly and efficiently, giving the customer maximum technical and scheduling flexibility. 

The electronics of the ESX-3XL are enclosed in a robust and compact housing of die-cast aluminium, ideal for the environmental challenges of agricultural and construction machinery. The proven connector system has built-in protection against human errors in orientation or the order of the vehicle side connectors. 

Application software can be efficiently developed in C/C++ using the included ESX-3XL BIOS, or graphically in accordance with IEC1131-3 (SPS style programming using CoDeSys). Additional software libraries, such as CANopen or error handling routines, simplify system integration and minimise development time. A comprehensive electronic user manual and an economical tool chain complete the development package. 

Product Details