ESX-MBC CAN J1939 I/O Module

ESX-MBC Product Photo

The ESX-MBC is a CAN J1939 slave module for control of electric motors and other actuators in the power range up to 200 W. This product is suitable for voltage ranges 9 V to 32 V and delivers a maximum current of 30 A. It comes in a plastic housing with ingress protection rating IP67. The housing is 174 mm x 117 mm x 36 mm. A 42-pol connector from Tyco is used. The module offers four PWM half bridges (each 10 A) with current measurement, and two further digital outputs, each capable of delivering a continuous 4 A. Separate safety relays each supply one digital output and two half bridges. Four multi-function inputs are provided, and all analogue signals have a 12 bit resolution.

Product Specifications

  • High power capacity and a flexible range of inputs
  • Separate safety relays each supply one digital output and two half bridges
  • Suitable for voltage ranges 9 to 32V
  • Delivers maximum current of 30A
  • I/O : 4 multifunction inputs (software configurable)
  • One CAN interface
  • One module identification input (resistance input)
  • 4 PWM-half bridges (10 A), PWM frequency up to 20 kHz
  • Two digital outputs (4 A)
  • One digital output (200 mA)
  • One stabilized voltage output for sensor supply (5 V to 12 V)
  • Robust plastic housing features ingress protection rating IP67
  • Housing measures 174 mm x 117 mm x 36 mm
  • Uses a 42-pol connector from Tyco

With its power capacity and range of inputs it offers a solution for decentralized control of electric actuators in mobile machinery, particularly in the agricultural, construction and materials handling industries.

Product Information

Data Sheet: ESX-MBC I/O Module