November 27, 2009 Press Release: Cooperation of Isabellenhütte & STW

The companies Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) from Kaufbeuren and Isabelle Heusler from Dillenburg together have a battery management solution designed for commercial vehicles with hybrid drive technology. With the signing of a cooperation agreement, both companies seal their further joint activities in the development and production of key components for the electric drive technology. 

In the hybrid drive system is currently set mainly on electrical energy. A crucial role is played by the lithium-ion battery, because it combines both high energy and power density in itself. 

“The successful operation of a lithium-ion battery is dependent on a well-functioning battery management system (BMS on the precise sensors for voltage and current offers. The Isabellenhütte we were able to gain a leader in the automotive current sensing. The joint development work will open up new opportunities, ” said Wolfgang Wiedemann, CEO of the Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH, and since the middle of this year, new CEO of the AMA Association for Sensor Technology. 

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann has extensive experience in the development of BMS for motor vehicles. Through these projects has already been a number of commercial vehicles such as vans equipped for Zustellverkehr, small trucks and buses with hybrid engines, as well as lithium-ion batteries.

Isabellenhütte was the first company worldwide that could be realized on Shuntbasis with the data acquisition system ISA-ASIC is a highly accurate measurement of current, voltage and temperature in the car. The BMS relies on a sensor module ( “IVT”) of Isabellenhütte that is able to measure a minimum voltage drop to a low-precision resistor in the power rail of the traction network. “We are delighted to have won STW, with the notable company of the hybrid drive as a partner and hope for the cooperation, the expansion of market share in this segment,” said Dr. Felix Heusler, Metrology Sales and alloys, and a member of the Executive Isabelle Heusler. “Our sensor modules are configurable to 100% on the application. Through further cooperation with STW in early product development phases, we can bring this advantage to full advantage. “Said Dr. Heusler.

 About Isabelle Heusler

Dr. Felix Heusler Dr. Felix Heusler

The roots of Isabelle Heusler GmbH & Co. KG, ranging over 500 years in the metal smelting and processing returns. In 1482 for the first time mentioned, the company is owned by the family since 1827 Heusler. Today it ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of precision and low-power resistors. 1987 Isabelle Heusler mOhm world’s first company-SMD-producing current sense shunts. In 2002, the Isabellenhütte was the first company worldwide that could realize a highly accurate measurement of current, voltage and temperature in the car. It was the youngest division precision measurement technology, which deals with the development, manufacture and distribution of measurement modules for the physical quantities current, voltage, resistance and temperature. The third and oldest division is the production of thermal and resistance alloys. At the company headquarters and production facility Dillenburg (Hesse), around 500 employees.


About Sensor-Technik Wiedemann

Wolfgang Wiedemann Wolfgang Wiedemann

The Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH (STW) was founded in 1985 by Wolfgang and Katharina Wiedemann and has its original product range, sensors and instrumentation, advanced in 1989 by controllers for mobile applications. Since 2001, there are branches in the U.S. (Atlanta and Portland) and England (Sharnbrook), and global collaboration with numerous international agencies. Today, the group Wiedemann, consisting of STW and KMW busy  Only 370 employees at the headquarters in Kaufbeuren.

In addition to the sensor and control technology pushes forward STW as the third field the mobile electric power engineering and has developed a range of products and technologies:

  • mobile electric power and propulsion system powerMELA ®,
  • The modular battery management system MBMS and
  • a modular, accurate voltage and current measurement, which was developed on the basis of the sensor module “IVT” the Isabellenhütte together with this company. 
Even today, people equip their vehicles with engine components and systems and electronics for batteries and fuel cells from STW. STW thus combines all the key skills under one roof, which is necessary for the future of modern equipment, vehicles and machinery, electric and diesel-electric (hybrid) drive technology.
Source : Water Mountain PR for Industry & Technology GmbH