ESX-IOXp Product Photo
The ESX- IOXP is a programmable version of the IOX (IOX is a remote I/O module for both analog and digital I/O). It is a smaller, less expensive 16 bit controller with a durable plastic housing.

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Product Features

  • I/O: Up to 28
  • Connector: 42 pin automotive type (Tyco/Amp)
    • FRAM or EEPROM size: 8kB
    • Power Supply: 9 – 32 V DC
    • Environmental Rating:  IP67, IP69k
    • Processor: 60 MHz, optional 80MHz
    • Internal Flash: 768 kByte
    • SRAM : 1 MB


  • Digital Inputs:  Maximum 28
  • RPM Inputs: Maximum 6
  • Analog Inputs:  Maximum 4 with 0…32V, maximum 6 with 0…10V and maximum 4…20 mA
    • Digital Outputs:  8×4.0A
    • PWM Outputs:  Maximum 4 with current measurement, 3A, optional low side switch 4A
    • PVG Outputs: Maximum 4
    • Constant Voltage Output : 1X5V or 10V
    • CANBus Interfaces:  1X or optional 2x
    • Serial Interface:  RS232 Interface with programmable baud rate


  • CoDeSys
  • C


Product Information

Data Sheet: ESX-IOXp Controller