The ESX-LT is a smaller version of our ESX controller and is well suited for mid-sized applications.  Each ESX-LT has 8 digital inputs, 8 multi-function inputs, and 8 digital or PWM outputs.  Multi-function inputs can be software-configured to read voltage, current, digital, or frequency input signals. Like our other controllers, the ESX-LT is designed for harsh environmental conditions, and is freely programmable, offering you unmatched flexibility. To learn more about why our controllers and STW may be right for you, click here.

green truch agriSpecifications

  • I/O : Upto 28 possible
  • Processor: Infineon C167 (20 or 40 MHz), 16-bit
  • Flash size: 512 kB (1 MB available)
  • RAM size: 256kB
  • FRAM or EEPROM size: 8kB
  • Power Supply: 7-32 Vdc
  • Environmental Rating:  IP65 Standard, IP67 Optional
  • Temperature Rating:  -40oC to +85oC (-40oF to +185oF)


  • High Side Digital Outputs:  4 x 2.5A digital outputs
  • High Side PWM Outputs:  4 x 4.0A PWM outputs with programmable frequencies
  • Low Side Outputs:  Optional 4 x 1.5A Low Side Digital or PWM Outputs
  • Multifunction Inputs:  8 x 0-10V or 0-25mA or Digital or Frequency
  • Serial Interface:  RS232 interface with programmable baud rate
  • Sensor supply voltage:  10V regulated, up to 400 mA
  • CANBus Interfaces:  1 or 2, 2.0B


  • C with API Library
  • CoDeSys IEC 1131-3 graphical interface

Download Datasheet

ESX-LT Datasheet