ESX Micro

The ESX-Micro is a small but rugged and highly configurable controller with up to 10 I/O. As capable as an ESX but with only 10 I/O, this controller will serve you well as a stand alone controller or a remote I/O node. To learn more about why STW and our controllers may be right for you, click here.

The ESX-Micro is available in a variety of configurations to provide analog inputs or outputs, digital inputs, frequency inputs, digital outputs, and PWM outputs.

Schwing concrete pumpsSpecifications

  • I/O: up to 10
  • Processor: Infineon ST10, 16-bit, 40 MHz
  • Flash size: 512 kB (1 MB available)
  • RAM size: 256kB (1 MB available)
  • Power Supply: 9-32 Vdc
  • Environmental Rating:  IP65 Standard, IP67 Optional
  • LEDs:  6 (optional, reduces environmental rating)
  • Temperature Rating:  -40oC to +85oC (-40oF to +185oF)


  • High Side PWM Outputs:  up to 4×4.0A PWM outputs with programmable frequencies
  • Multifunction Inputs:  up to 8 x 0-10V, 0-25mA or frequency.
  • Frequency Inputs:  up to 2 frequency inputs
  • Analog Outputs:  up to 2 x 0-10V or 0-25mA
  • Motor Bridge:  up to 1x4A
  • Serial Line:  RS232  Interface with programmable baud rate
  • CANBus Interface:  1 or 2 CANbus 2.0B


  • C with API Library
  • CoDeSys IEC 1131-3 graphical interface (not available on all ESX-Micro)

Download Datasheet

ESX-micro datasheet