A rugged, freely programmable 16 bit controller designed for harsh environments

ESX  is a rugged standardized 16 bit controller designed especially for harsh environments. It is freely programmable (in visual programming using IEC 1131-3 graphical interface or in C) and so offers wide flexibility in applications With over 490,000 controllers in the field and 18+ years of proven reliability, ESX is suited for a wide range of industry applications, many in the toughest of environmental conditions. Read more about why ESX and STW may be right for you here.

The ESX contains advanced measures for EMC and a robust housing for all automobile environments as well as an ingenious grounding scheme to provide a separate analog ground for sensors.

reach stackerAll inputs and outputs contain internal diagnostics, with protection against voltage overload and protection against short circuiting to ground or to supply voltage.  An integrated safety relay provides a master switch off to all outputs in the event of any failures.  The ESX is also available in a variant that is TÜV certified for safety relevant applications (Safety Integrity Level 2).


  • I/O: Up to 48
  • Connector: 1×68 Pin
  • Processor: C167 (20 or 40 MHz)
  • Flash size: 512 kB up to 1 MB
  • RAM size: 256kB up to 1 MB
  • FRAM or EEPROM size: 8kB
  • Power Supply: 7-32 Vdc
  • Environmental Rating:  IP65 Standard, IP67 Optional
  • Temperature Rating:  Temperature Rating from -40oC to +85oC (-40oF to +185oF)


  • Digital Inputs:  16 Digital inputs or frequency inputs
  • Analog Inputs:  8 Analog inputs (voltage or current)
  • High Side Digital or PWM Outputs:  8×4.0A and 4×2.5A PWM outputs.  The first 5 outputs have independently programmed frequencies.
  • Sensor supply voltage:  8.5V stabilized voltage supply to 400 mA.  Other voltages available.
  • CANBus Lines:  1 or 2 CANbus 2.0B
  • Serial Line:  RS232 Line with programmable baud rate


  • C with API Library
  • CoDeSys
  • IEC 1131-3 graphical interface

Babyboards or Expansion Modules

Babyboards or expansion modules allow you to adapt the controller to your specific needs. These expansion modules can add upto 12 channels of additional I/O or communication. Each babyboard adds up to 6 channels each, which can be used for additional  I/O,  motor bridge, communications, etc. Channels include:

  • 10, 12, 15 bit Analog Inputs.
  • Digital Inputs
  • Incremental Encoder Inputs
  • Digital Outputs (4A)
  • PWM Outputs (4A)
  • Real Time Clock
  • Additional CANbus Lines
  • RS232
  • RS422

Pre-configured babyboards exist offering you various configurations of these. In addition, babyboards can be customized to your exact specifications, offering you significant flexibility.

Click here or contact us to learn more about customization. We would love to discuss our customization options with you.

Download Datasheet

ESX Datasheet