Software and Hardware Tools

Software Tools

C Compiler, IDE and Debugger:  IDE and compiler options for programming STW controllers in the C language

CoDeSys: a powerful, Windows-based development tool for control software using the CoDeSys programming environment and language functions

BIOS Library: a software library that allows programmers full flexibility in managing inputs, outputs and system functions on STW controllers in the C or CoDeSys languages

KEFEX: a set of tools that facilitate setup, visualization and communications on STW controllers

CAN Bus Data Protocol Support

CANopen: library functions for STW controllers and I/O modules that support this industry standard protocol for off-highway vehicle  data communication

SAE J1939: library functions for STW controllers that support this automotive data communication protocol for trucks and busses

ISO 11783: library functions that support the ISO Bus data communication protocol primarily used in the agricultural industry

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Hardware Tools

Test Box for ESX Controllers: a hardware

CAN Tools/Interfaces

Lauterbach Hardware Emulator and Debugger