BIOS Library

The BIOS Libraries provide a suite of functions for operating STW controllers. The library balances the requirements of simplicity and flexibility, enabling the development of sophisticated applications without requiring extensive knowledge of the system.

Functions exist to handle almost every need, including:

  • Inputs
    • Analog – pressure transducers, joysticks, temperature sensors, angle sensors
    • Digital – switches, e-stops
    • Frequency/RPM – encoders, magnetic pickups
  • Outputs
    • Digital – coils, motors, valves, relays
    • PWM – coils, motors, valves
    • Analog
  • Diagnostics – short, open
  • Babyboards
  • CAN bus
  • RS-232 / Serial
  • Timers & Tasks
  • EEPROM Reading & Writing
  • Watchdog & Error Handling
  • Ethernet and Networking
    • Flash memory file functions
    • Socket functions
    • Modbus over IP functions
    • USB network file functions

Whether you choose to develop your application in C or in CoDeSys, the STW BIOS library provides the strength and flexibility you need.