C Compiler and Debugger


For applications that demand the power and flexibility of C, STW offers two different IDE and compiler options, depending on the controller family.

For the 32 bit ESX-3XL and ESX-3XM, STW offers the Code::Blocks IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with a GCC compiler.  This IDE offers a full set of editing, pre-build, compilation, build and debug functions that facilitate more rapid development and testing.  It is based on the open source Code::Blocks IDE and is familiar to many programmers.

For developing in C on the 16 bit ESX controllers, STW offers the Tasking C166/ST10 Enhanced Development Environment from Altium.

Tasking EDE provides a feature-packed environment for developing and debugging embedded applications.

Features include:

  • Automatic code completion
  • Integrated file management
  • Simple navigation of code base
  • Fully customizable look & feel

CrossView Pro, the visual debugging portion of the environment includes the following features:

  • Source-level debugging
  • Code coverage analysis & profiling
  • Debug a live system via RS232 or CAN
  • I/O simulation
  • Breakpoints