CAN Interfaces

If the heart of a modern mobile control system is a programmable controller, then the blood is the CAN bus communication network. STW controllers are compatible with any CAN device, but connecting a PC to a CAN bus for software development and testing requires a hardware adapter as well as software drivers. STW software tools support many common CAN adapters using different drivers.  STW recommends the PCAN-USB module from PEAK Systems, which consists of a USB to CAN dongle and associated software drivers.  This adapter uses the common USB port requiring no external power to connect a PC to any CAN bus. All standard bus speeds are supported, up to 1000 Mbit/sec with 100% bus load and no dropped messages. Software drivers and monitoring tools are also included, allowing easy and straightforward monitoring and debugging of CAN bus networks.  This module can be purchased from STW Technic.

STW also supports interfaces from other manufacturers. Contact us for the latest drivers.