ISOBUS Gateway

ISOBUS GatewaySTW’s ISOBUS Gateway provides a mechanism to implement VT and/or for an agricultural implement without the painful requirement to change out the controller.  STW, a world class provider of controller and connectivity electronics and DISTek, the leader in ISOBUS software solutions, have partnered to provide a way to rapidly convert an existing proprietary display implementation into a standards-based ISOBUS VT solution or add Task Controller (TC) functionality.

The solution consists of an STW gateway device, either the ESX-IOXp or the ESX-TC3G, running DISTek’s VIRTEC ISOBUS software.  This gateway is connected via CAN networks to both the proprietary controller on the implement and to the VT display on the tractor.  The gateway device monitors the CAN traffic between the proprietary controller and its display.  It converts the display information from the controller into the appropriate VT instructions and sends those to the VT display.  Operator actions on the VT display or Task Control commands are converted by the gateway into the CAN messages that are expected by the proprietary controller to operate the implement.

To summarize, the ISOBUS Gateway provides:

  • VT or Task Controller capabilities without having to replace an existing controller.
  • An Affordable entry point for adding ISOBUS VT or Task Control to your machine.
  • Compatibility with existing controllers with CAN communication on board.
  • Optional Development support for custom Virtual Terminal development.
  • Options for data-logging and remote diagnostics for local or remote support.
  • Hardware options with either STW’s ESX-IOXp or ESX-TC1/3G products.
  • DISTek’s highly regarded VIRTEC ISOBUS software


Option 1:  STW’s ESX-IOXp  Option 2:  STW’s ESX-TC1 or TC3G 


The ESX-IOXp is a freely programmable controller running DISTek’s VIRTEC ISOBUS software.  The IOXp has two CAN ports, allowing it to act as a Gateway in almost any machine architecture.  It also has inputs and outputs that can be used to control additional machine functionality if the need arises.  If affordable VT/TC capability is your goal, then this option is the best choice.

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The ESX-TC1 and ESX-TC3G are STW’s world class connectivity platforms that run a linux operating system.  Like the ESX-IOXp, these modules provide two CAN ports for connection to the vehicle networking architecture.  But these telematics devices not only run the VIRTEC ISOBUS software, they also have highly configurable, out-of-the-box remote data access capabilities through STW’s VDS (Vehicle Data System) software.  VDS offers data logging and remote diagnostics with the most configurable data access on the market.  The TC1 and TC3G offer a wide variety of options for modems (GSM, CDMA, GPS, Wifi/Bluetooth), antennas (internal or external) and connectivity software.

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ISOBUS Gateway Controller ESX-TC

ISOBUS Gateway Controller ESX-TC3G