AEF STWISOBUS technology, based on the standard ISO 11783, is rapidly becoming a tour de force in the agricultural industry.  ISOBUS enables the inter-working of tractors, displays and implements.  It is the foundation for exciting new automation in agriculture.

STW Technic has partnered with DISTek Technologies, an acknowledged world leader in ISOBUS technology, to provide a flexible and powerful ISOBUS-compliant electronic controller for the agriculture marketplace.

DISTek has worked with STW to apply its VIRTEC ISOBUS software product to STW’s freely programmable controllers.  VIRTEC is an ISO 11783-compliant software library for agricultural manufacturers to enable vehicle-to-implement communication via virtual terminal consoles.  VIRTEC ISOBUS is now available on STW’s ESX-3XL, ESX-3XM, ESX-IOXp and newly released ESX-3CM controllers.


The combination of the highly efficient VIRTEC ISOBUS VT client software and STW’s powerful and flexible controllers will allow agricultural OEM’s to implement tailored solutions for their products to create a competitive advantage in the rapidly expanding ISOBUS marketplace.  The addition of the Task Controller (TC) functionality provides a fully functioning ISOBUS solution.  As ISOBUS becomes a required capability for agricultural vehicles, the DISTek/STW solution will provide a fast and cost-effective means to achieve compliance without sacrificing the unique characteristics of the machine.ESX-3CM_RGB_web_transparent

For more detailed technical information, please view our VIRTEC ISOBUS datasheet.