KEFEX is a communication protocol developed by STW with a set of software libraries for implementing that protocol. The library eases the development of service tools to diagnose problems in a running system, and allows end-of-line ECU parameter configuration. KEFEX is available for STW ECUs programmed in C or CoDeSys and also as a PC library for Borland C++ applications for Windows

KEFEX consists of several easy to use modules:

  • RAMView is used to define ECU parameters during development and facilitates reading and writing the parameters for easy ECU configuration.
  • WinFlash is used to download the application executable (hex file) from a PC to the controller via a CAN bus or serial connection
  • CANMon is a CANbus monitor that can view all message traffic on a bus and transmit arbitrary data for testing purposes. CANMon includes symbol-based decoding.

The VisLib component library is used to create your own PC diagnostic/service application with Borland C++ Builder.