Test Box for ESX Controllers

One of the hardest parts of setting up a development lab is creating a working wiring harness that has everything you need to get started.  To this end, STW provides the Test Box, a complete solution for test lab wiring.

  • 68-pin connector for ESX (adapters available for all STW controllers). For the 32 bit controllers (ES-3Xx) the ESX test box is enhanced to include additional modules plus a cable adaptor for the two
  • .Switchable power & ignition
  • 12 Output modules ( up to 24)
    • Indicator lamps
    • Load resistors (27 Ohm, 50 Watt) (x24)
  • 16 Multi-input modules ( up to 28)
    • Frequency/RPM up to 6.5 kHz
    • Digital (active-high/low)
    • Analog (current, voltage)
  • Communication modules
    • CAN with switchable terminator (optional second module)
    • RS232 with 25 pin D-SUB connector
    • Ethernet (for the Eb07 networking expansion board for the ESX-3Xx controllers)