Micro Control Products

STW Technic is an authorized system integrator and distributor of Micro Control Products. These CAN bus I/O modules provide an excellent method for sensing and control in a distributed environment. They are particularly helpful in the acquisition of thermal data from RTD’s, thermocouples and thermistors.

Micro Control has an extensive line of I/O modules.  Listed below are some of the more popular models for our marketplace, but feel free to visit Micro Control’s website for a more detailed look at their offering, or give us a call and we can help steer you in the right direction.



1-Channel Thermal Data Acquisition



The μCAN.1.ti-TRS cable transmitter is the universal data acquisition module for temperature signals. The module is designed for Pt100 or thermocouple signals. The transmitter can be incorporated into your measuring lines.


μCAN.1.ti-TRS Datasheet




4 Channel Temperature Recording


4-channel temperature recording for RTD and thermocouples with CAN interface

The μCAN.4.ti-BOX is the universal measurement unit for recording temperatures. Resistance sensors and any thermocouple can be polled at a 200Hz total sampling rate.

μCAN.4.ti-BOX Datasheet




4-Channel Analog Output


4- channel analog output for current and voltage signals with 16-bit resolution

The de-centralised analog output unit μCAN.4.ao-BOX is configured for output of up to four analog signals. The unit is in protection class IP66.

μCAN.4.ao-BOX Datasheet