powerMELA-C E-machines

Each powerMELA E-machine features an integrated inverter which permits four-quadrant operation. It has been especially developed for use in mobile machines and commercial vehicles with a high-voltage DC traction network of up to 800 volts. It is available in two performance classes with either 80 kW or 140 kW continuous output.PowerMELA_Logo_dark_(R)_web


  • Diesel-electric travel drive
  • Diesel-electric hybrid drive (HEV)
  • Battery-powered electric travel drive (BEV)Off Highway Hybrid Technology
  • DC voltage generator
  • Auxiliary unit drives
  • Drives in attachment devices

Compact construction through integrated power electronics

Thanks to the integrated inverter, the powerMELA E-machine has only one DC voltage connection. Complex wiring and the space and weight of additional housing for power electronics are no longer required. The compactness of the powerMELA drive, its power density and simplicity therefore remain unbeaten.

High continuous output through oil cooling

Dissipating thermal losses directly after their generation is the decisive approach for achievement of a high continuous output. Even a particularly high degree of effiency of 97% causes thermal losses of several kW. Only the powerMELA oil cooling permits the direct cooling of energized components inside the machine. Electrically-conductive coolants such as water-glycol would be completely unsuitable for the purpose.

Here the oil can be exceptionally environmentally-friendly without generating particularly high costs. Different oils have already been approved for the powerMELA components.

More power and high voltage levels

Power = voltage × current – Those requiring electrical power must invest in current or voltage. powerMELA gives precedence to the increase of voltage. For good reason, as an operating voltage of up to 800 volts and lower cable cross-sections provide high-performance networks with limited effort.

Simple scaling and network capability through protective insulation

The construction of networks with high-performance electrical machines is often subject to substantial problems, as the steep switching edges of the electronic switches interfere with other electronic components. The complexity of the interference suppression required is often substantial and has to be conducted anew for each configuration. This is not the case on the powerMELA: The concept of the protective insulation construction permits the use of much smaller anti-interference capacitors and, because every powerMELA component is already interference-suppressed, no further anti-interference measures are generally necessary.




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Electric Power 80 kW (S1 mode) or 140 kW (S1 mode)
Traction Net Voltage 500…800 Volt
System Data
Power supply 8…32 Volt DC
Mechanical Data
Flange Height 132 mm
Weight 90 kg (80 kW), 147 kg (140 kW)
Environmental Requirements
Protection Class IP6k9k