powerMELA_BC Brake Chopper

The powerMELA-BC brake chopper is a construction unit made of high-performance resistance elements with an integrated chopper unit. It was especially developed for the electronic brakes in mobile machines to protect against overvoltages. It can temporarily convert up to 500 kW of electrical energy into heat.PowerMELA_Logo_dark_(R)_web


  • Diesel-electric travel drive
  • Diesel-electric hybrid drive (HEV)
  • Battery-powered electric travel drive (BEV)Hybrid Technology Off Highway

Compact construction through integrated power electronics

Like the powerMELA E-machine, the powerMELA-BC brake chopper features integrated power electronics and a purely DC voltage connection. Complex wiring and the space and weight of additional housing are no longer required. The compactness of the powerMELA component, their power density and simplicity therefore remain unbeaten.

High power density through oil cooling

The powerMELA-BC brake chopper also utilises the tried and tested oil cooling. This permits the heat to be dissipated as it is generated and is the decisive approach for achievement of a high power density. The  powerMELA-BC brake chopper is capable of continuously dissipating 50 kW of electrical power – and even of temporarily dissipating up to 500 kW.

Here the oil can be exceptionally environmentally-friendly without generating particularly high costs. Different oils have already been approved for the powerMELA components.


Brake Chopper power MELA

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Electric Power 500 kW (pulse mode), 50 kW (continuous operation)
Traction Net Voltage 500…800 Volt
System Data
Power supply 8…32 Volt DC
Mechanical Data
Weight 35 kg
Environmental Requirements
Protection Class IP6k9k