Customer Specific Solutions

Customized Thin Film SensorsIn addition to the standard sensors and transmitters, we also realise customer-specific solutions which are especially adapted to the requirements of the user applications.

In addition to special media compatibility, this can also be specific output signals (such as a company-specific bus protocol) or environmental conditions which deviate from the standard. Here, the development is not limited to pressure or load sensors; other sensors can also be developed and produced. Naturally, these products can be supplied complete with a customer label or with customer-specific packaging, as required.

For example, the FELIX displacement sensor has been an essential component in many applications for years. But we also develop sensors for the commercial vehicle sector, such as the gyroscope sensor for integration into a vibration damping system.

Our know-how in the field of commercial vehicles and our certification acc. ISO/TS 16949 guarantee the high quality of our development and production.