j1939 Inclination Sensors

This solid state inclinometer utilizes MEMs technology to precisely output the angular data to the J1939 bus.  This device is available in single, dual, or triple axis configurations.

Product Featuresj1939 Inclination Sensor

  • Reliable angle measurement even on high vibration and shock equipment.
  • MEMs sensor redundancy for exceptional accuracy
  • Configurable calculation options allow optimization.
  • Configurable zero point offset.
  • Automatically detects bus speed from 125 kbd to 1Mbd.
  • Automatically detects the mounting configuration.
  • Shock resistance up to 50 g.
  • Operating temperature range of -40o C to 85o C.
  • Supply voltage range of 8V to 32V.
  • 002o resolution.
  • Reverse battery protection
  • 3 – point mounting to prevent assembly mounting errors. • IP67 rating
  • 48V jump start and load dump compliant

Datasheet: J1939_Inclination Sensor