FELIX Position Sensor

FELIX Product Photo

FELIX has 2 Hall sensors that measure the magnetic field of specially constructed circular magnets. The Position sensor was designed for use in hydraulic transmissions. The plunger used to measure position changes is made of hardened steel, and con for example be installed directly in hydraulic oil.

  • Nominal Stroke 20 mm
  • Mechanical Stroke 22…24 N
  • Linearity +/- 0.8 mm
  • No sliding contact
  • Very robust design
  • Extremely large temperature range from -30°C / -22 °F to 120° C / 248 °F
  • Easy mounting
  • Supply voltage 8…30 V
  • Output Signal 4-20 mA (3-wire-technique)
  • AMP-Superseal-Connector


Position Sensor FELIX