Pressure Switches

Pressure Switch P01

OEM pressure switch with a large temperature range and a high switching accuracy. Available with one or two NPN or PNP-switching outputs with a max. switching capacity of 500mA. Learn More about Pressure Switch Po1.

Optionally available: USB-connection box with configuration software.Pressure Switch PO1

System Data
Measurement Range 0.25 bar to 1,000 bar
pressure connection G 1/4″ acc. DIN 3852 Part 11, 1/4NPT, SAE06, others available on request
Electrical Connection M12 (plastic), DT04-3P, Bayonet (DIN 72585), cable output
Outputs 1x NPN, 2x NPN, 1x PNP, 2x PNP
Media temperature -40…+150°C, -25…+85°C at cable output
Application range Test stands, mobile hydraulics, extended temperature range, aggressive media

Safety Pressure Switch F01

PLd (Cat.2) OEM pressure switch with E1-approval and a redundant switching output or one switch output in combination with an analog output signal. It is especially suited for application in harsh ambient conditions, for example, in mobile hydraulics.Learn More about Safety Pressure Switch F01.

News Alert: Safety Pressure Switch Certified for Performance Level D According to EN 12849-1
Safety Pressure Switch FO1

System Data
Measurement Range 50 bar to 1,000 bar
Pressure Connection G 1/4″ acc. DIN 3852 Part 11, others available on request
Electrical Connection M12 (stainless steel)
Outputs 2x PNP (max. 200 mA), 1x PNP (max. 200 mA) + 0/4-20 mA (3-wire technology)
Media Temperature -40…125°C
Application Range Safety-related applications (safety), aggressive media, extended temperature range, mobile hydraulics