Pressure Switch P01

Pressure Switch PO1The pressure switch P01 has been especially designed for applications in mobile machines. The EMC characteristics as well as the shock and vibration resistance are selected especially for this area of applications. This facilitates applications in challenging ambient conditions, such as in the field of mobile hydraulics.

The P01 is available in two different Versions. For pressure ranges of 0 … 0.25 bar there is a silicon sensing element, and for pressure ranges of 0 … 1,000 bar (up to 2,000 bar for common-rail applications) a welded thinfilm pressure cell is used. Depending on the sensing element, the max. permitted media temperature is 150 ºC / 302 °F and the ambient temperature is max. 125 ºC / 257 °F. An optional damping unit can be integrated into the media access.

The pressure switch has an E1-approval and is manufactured at an ISO/TS 16949-certified company using the latest manufacturing methods. The excellent price/performance ratio makes this pressure transmitter especially interesting for series production. OEM versions can also be supplied.

Along with the PO1 switch is an optional setup interface and configuration tool which makes it possible to configure set points, reset points, set delays and reset delays. This also includes 4 separate operating modes, 2 of which are hysteresis function and window function. These operating modes can be performed in either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) settings. More information on Configuration Tools.


Pressure Switch P01


System Data
Measurement Range 0.25 bar to 1,000 bar
pressure connection G 1/4″ acc. DIN 3852 Part 11, 1/4NPT, SAE06, others available on request
Electrical Connection M12 (plastic), DT04-3P, Bayonet (DIN 72585), cable output
Overall accuracy <=2.5% FS (−40…+125°C), <=1.5% FS (−25…+100°C), <= 1.0% FS (0…+80°C)
linearity, pressure hysteresis and repeatability Max. 0.5% FS
Measuring element Stainless steel, silicon, depending on the pressure range
Outputs 1x NPN, 2x NPN, 1x PNP, 2x PNP
Environmental Requirements
Media temperature -40…+150°C, -25…+85°C at cable output
Protection Class IP 69k with cable output, IP 67
Application range Test stands, mobile hydraulics, extended temperature range, aggressive media