Telematics Controllers

The TC1 is the latest in the line of Telematics Controllers from STW for off highway mobile applications. The TC1 offers 3 communication variations while continuing to support features common with STW’s other telematics controllers such as free programmability, wide software support and the possibility to easily connect with STW’s IoT platforms, VDS and “”.

The three variations of the ESX-TC1 take into account the different communication characteristics in different applications.

Based on the tried-and-tested ESX-TC3G, the ESX-TC1 displays its strengths as an on-board data logger in the communication of controls and sensor data using the CAN bus. CANOpen, SAE J1939 and CAN freestyle communications are supported.

Download Datasheet – Telematics Controller TC1

Configuration Options

The TC1 can be configured via the “Vehicle Data System (VDS)” software in which CANbus parameters are recorded, stored in the 1 GByte flash and then forwarded.

In addition, because of the free programmability offered by the TC1’s Embedded Linux System, the data can also be pre-processed and evaluated on the module.

Data Gathering and Transmission

Forwarding can take place in all TC1 versions via Ethernet or the respective wireless interface. The TC1-WiFi and the TC1-WiFi+ have WLAN and Bluetooth 4.0. This addresses applications which gather data over the course of the day and which can be accessed on a WiFi Hotspot via Internet connection in the evening.

Alternatively, the TC1-WiFi(+) can also act as a Hotspot itself, so that the data can be retrieved via a laptop or tablet.

Location Information/Localization Options

The TC1-WiFi+ version also allows geo-location of the recorded data using GPS/GLONASS. The localization function is also a fixed component of the solution using the TC1-Mobile. GPS data can be viewed locally or made available to remote users via VDSR or

Development Environment

The entire development environment is freely available on all TC1 versions. A multitude of pre-defined functions and the widespread support for the communication via the Telemetry Applications Framework (TAF) permit the fast creation of an application.

External Antennas

The TC1 versions possess connections for external antennas in order to guarantee the best-possible reception. For more complex applications with the combination of WLAN, Bluetooth and mobile phone as well as additional features such as USB and acceleration sensors, the tried-and-tested, software-compatible ESX-TC3G is available.

Download Datasheet – Telematics Controller TC1