Off Highway Controller Telematics Expansion Board EB07

Thinking about getting telematics on your off-highway controller? STW’s new EB07 expansion board allows you to do just that without the need for modems.

STW’s new Eb07 expansion board brings the latest in off highway telematics to our electronic controllers without the need for modems.

Telematics electronic controller expansion boardThe Eb07 expansion board has a 400 MHz PowerPC micro-processor with a full Linux operating system environment providing the following functions that can be accessed directly from the main controller through an API:

  • Data-logging of key machine variables
  • Networking
  • Remote procedure calls (RPCs)
  • File management and streaming

The EB07 also has:

  • 1GB of flash memory
  • Ethernet port
  • CAN port
  • Serial port (RS-232)
  • USB port
  • A real-time clock.

The advantage of having a fully capable Linux environment within an off-highway controller cannot be exaggerated. STW offers many important functions integrated into the controller software package such as logging, networking, remote procedure calls (RPCs), file management and streaming. There are also the following optional software products that may be run on a controller with the Eb07:

  • Software updates for the ESX-3XL or ESX-3XM through the USB port (the update hex file is on a USB flash drive)
  • Modbus TCP protocol
  • Vehicle Data System (STW’s web-based telematics package for data logging and real-time diagnostics)

But even beyond these functions and products, the Eb07 Linux environment provides a platform for adding new capabilities that will certainly become necessary in the rapidly evolving world of smart, connected vehicles. Technologies and packages necessary for a host of cutting edge applications that will soon become standard fare are all already available and easily implementable in the Linux environment. Examples include:

  • Security
  • Encryption
  • New communication protocols
  • Autonomy
  • Analysis
  • Data mining

Explore the future of the smart, connected off-highway controller with STW!

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