Product Development

Woman and man at workUsing our state-of-the art facilities, experts and certified processes to develop solutions tailored to your needs.

 Did you know that STW can tailor products to your specific customer or product development needs?

Our Product Development Service takes our state-of-the-art, TUV and ISO9001 certified analysis, design, and manufacturing facilities, and our team of experts and puts them to work for you. 


Here’s how it works:

  • We work with you to understand your ideas and requirements.
  • Our team of physicists, IT specialists, electronic engineers, technicians, and designers work with you, within your design constraints and ideas to come up with a solution optimized for you
  • Our flexible architecture can be adapted to quickly design a custom board.  Our years of experience and the broad spectrum of designs we have undertaken ensure that your custom development will still have the robust, reliable and high quality attributes that you expect from STW.
  • All manufacturing takes place in our highly sophisticated manufacturing environment with highly qualified and experienced technicians

So you get a solution optimized for your environment while reducing cost for larger production runs.testen_02_72dpi_RGB

We are experienced in manufacturing for the most demanding of criteria including:

  • Tough environmental conditions, e.g. temperature, vibration, EMC, etc.
  • Electronics for safety related applications
  • Cost constraints
  • Short development times
  • High flexibility
  • Comprehensive quality and safety concepts

Examples of customer driven product designs:

  • Customer specific variations of the CAN bus control units from the ESX® family of freely programmable  controllers
  • Combined power and control electronics for fuel cells and hybrid drives
  • Highly dynamic control systems featuring the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology
  • Variable, high volume production of electronic pressure switches
  • Extremely reliable components for the aviation industry
  • Diesel electric drives and mobile power generation

Call us to learn more about our customer oriented product development processes.