STW Technic Featured in ‘Energy and Mining International’ Ahead of MINExpo

PRlog, September 24, 2012 –

Norcross, Ga. STW Technic, a based premier manufacturer of mobile controllers and measurement technology, is featured in the latest issue of ‘Energy and Mining International’ ahead of MINExpo 2012, the world’s largest mining tradeshow. You can view the article here : STW_TECHNIC_Energy and Mining int

The article highlights STW Technic’s success in the mining industry and key differentiating factors. Bob Geiger, President of STW Technic said, “We are proud to be featured in Energy and Mining International just ahead of MINExpo. One of STW’s greatest differentiators is being close to the customer, and we will have members from both our engineering and sales team there to meet with executives and engineers from the mining industry at the conference. ”

STW Technic will be at booth 4258 at the tradeshow.

STW Technic provides highly reliable electronic controls solutions to most of the leading equipment manufacturers in the mining industry.  STW’s freely programmable controllers are renowned for their ability to withstand the formidable challenges of the mining environment – vibration, shock and temperature extremes.  With almost 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing of robust electronics, STW is recognized as having the most reliable hardware in the industry.

STW controllers are also well known for their design flexibility.  The ESX-3Xx family of controllers (with 4 CAN ports and up to 128 I/O) comes in two different models, with slots for three or six expansion boards respectively.  With over 15 different expansion boards to choose from with a variety of configurations of analog and digital I/O and communication interfaces, the flexibility for configuration is almost unlimited.  Yet all of this is standard, off-the-shelf product.

STW controllers are also very flexible in terms of software.  They can be programmed in CoDeSys or C, and have Matlab/Simulink support for model-based development.  A full-featured set of development tools and testing hardware is available.

An exciting new area for STW controllers is networking and telematics.  Local area networking can be accomplished with the addition of an expansion board that provides Ethernet and USB networking as well as additional CAN and serial ports.  Moreover, this expansion board provides a PowerPC environment with over a GB of memory and a linux O/S to allow user applications to take full advantage of powerful linux tools and software components.  A full application framework for employing these tools is provided with the linux system.

If remote networking, monitoring, datalogging or diagnostics is needed, then STW offers a powerful telematics controller, the ESX-TC3, which in addition to the capabilities outlined above includes communications modems for GPS, GSM/GPRS and WLAN or Bluetooth.

About STW Technic: STW Technic, LP ( is the U.S. subsidiary of STW GmbH, a German electronics company specializing in mobile applications.  STW is the European market leader in freely programmable controllers for working machines and provides products to over 200 equipment manufacturers worldwide