STW Technic is determined to provide the best customer support in the mobile electronics industry.  We pride ourselves on the depth of our support and the responsiveness of our engineering and support staff.  From first call or email to final resolution, our support staff provides feedback and timely updates to keep you aware of the status of your issue.

All support from STW is provided by degreed engineers who have years of experience in using our products.  We assign an engineer (ASE – Application Support Engineer) at the very beginning of our association with customers.  That engineer becomes familiar with the details of your technical requirements and, ultimately, your application and solution.  Moreover, we keep meticulous documents on all of our customer solutions so that even if your ASE is not available, another engineer can quickly review your applications and provide assistance.

Our customers have found that STW engineers will go the extra mile in supporting them.  They often set up a test environment to mimic or reproduce issues, and will gladly review code or specifications to help troubleshoot a problem.  All of our engineers are in contact by computer or PDA throughout the business day.  We have engineers on both the east and west coasts to provide the maximum time zone coverage.  Critical support issues will be given top priority over other projects.    We are able to solve the great majority of problems ourselves, but we also have rapid escalation paths to our colleagues in Germany if necessary.

At STW we have the goal of keeping customers forever.  The only way to do that is to provide the best support in the industry.  Try us and see if we have succeeded!

Please check out our training videos for tips on configuring and troubleshooting our software. For support related queries, you can reach us at : or 770-242-1002

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