For companies that are embarking on an IoT project and want a powerful yet easy-to-configure system with basic capabilities, then VDSR may be the solution!  This intuitive and highly functional cloud-based system provides the following features:

  • Complete Company, User, Role and Device management and administration
  • Configuration of data readers, logging and alarms via a user-friendly web browser interface
  • Automated configuration management for any size fleet or machine group
  • Real time visualization of data through a powerful set of graphics – gauges, meters, LEDs, graphs, tables, etc.
  • Event and timer based logging
  • Alarm notification through email and SMS
  • CAN variable ‘injection’ for parameter updates or other functions
  • Automated software updates
  • Controller software flashing for STW controllers

VDSR integrates seamlessly with machines.insight.

Diagnostics ‘projects’ are simple to create and configure and provide unlimited views of real-time data with a wide variety of visualization graphics

off highway telematics

Asset location is displayed along with basic information about the machine on Google maps. Devices can be accessed via the map or from a list.

Data readers are used to access data on the vehicle’s CAN bus. Configuring them is easy and fast, but with full flexibility.

j1939 vehicle data system telematics

Logs can be generated for any number of variables and with a wide variety of parameters. On change and event-triggered logs allow memory and bandwidth resources to be conserved.

lgs vdd off highway j1939

Logs, configuration files, logos and software updates can all be uploaded or downloaded through the Device Files page.

Device log telematics vds


VDSR Dashboard – Integrates fully with machines.insight

Administration of VDSR is incredibly flexible and allows the definition of groups, companies, users, roles, devices and settings.


Users are assigned a role and may belong to multiple groups and devices.


Roles determine what functions a user may perform on a very granular level


Latest Release Notes: VDSR_2.3.0 Release_Notes

ESX-TC3G Telematics Controller Datasheet

machines.insight  Solution Overview