VDSR 2.3.0 Release Notes

Fixed Issues

  • Login session fix: fixed an issue where if a user was logged out due to inactivity or server update the page would not automatically redirect to the login page.
  • Other minor bugs and improvements.

New Features

  • Sleep Mode  Custom wake-up interval: Allows customers to set a custom interval time in minutes.
  • Config Profile Cloning: Added the ability to duplicate profiles.
  • New Login Screen: The more modern and responsive login screen adds the ability to use a custom image to the login screen as part of the Theme settings
  • Live Software Version: VDSR now shows any changes to a devices software. Next times your devices update you will be able to see this happening in front of your eyes.
  • Logger UI Update: A refresh of the Add/Edit logger pop up that makes the trigger selection more user friendly.
  • Diagnostic Project User Info: Each diagnostic project now shows the last user that modified the project.
  • Nav Bars Fixed Location: Gave the top navigation bar and side menu a fixed location on the screen, only the content scrolls as you scroll through the page making it easier to move from page to page.
  • Tech Support Mode: Introducing a new feature that gives user the ability to access their client’s accounts as if they were one of the client’s users. This allows them to see and experience things from the client perspective for diagnostic purposes. Also beneficial for Integrator partners or OEMs so they can configure their client accounts for them.
  • More Device Variables as CAN TX messages: Added the input and output variables as default variables that can be selected when sending CAN TX messages for a TCG device