At STW, we know that sending out personnel to check, verify and fix the machines can be costly, especially if the vehicles operate in harsh conditions, as is the case for many of our customers.

So we designed our Telematics module to offer you the option of remote maintenance and service. It even works over the internet. Sophisticated diagnostics, dynamic real time service, updates and calibration can all be conducted from the offices of machine or vehicle manufacturers.  The availability of geographic data allows it to be used in the planning and analysis process.

This greatly reduces travel and personnel costs.  It also opens up opportunities for doing more with your machines through processes such as intelligent fleet management and precision farming.

Telematics at workBenefits

  • Increase vehicle availability
  • Optimize scheduled service time for a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles
  • Avoid unplanned service needs
  • Coordinate  many machines in a workflow to increase productivity
  • Protect your vehicles from theft
  • Use dynamic operational and geographic data to minimize downtime


  • Remote access to key parameters of vehicle operation
  • Dynamic real-time service, also via Internet
  • Remote maintenance (such as software updates, diagnostics, calibrations)
  • Integration with a coordinated workflow
  • Transmission of data and status or error messages via GSM/GPRS
  • Location and navigation with the addition of a GPS module
  • Reduction/Elimination of wires


Interested in learning how Telematics can help you? Contact us and we would love to provide you with more information.