mela-green-300x205As part of an ongoing cooperative project, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH is developing components for the hybrid drive system powerMELA®. The powerMELA® system is used to implement hybrid diesel/electric drives in off-highway vehicles and mobile working machines. Additionally, the system offers an open power supply network for powering auxiliary machinery and external appliances. Surplus energy is saved to a battery and can be subsequently used for other demands. This outstanding innovation is particularly relevant in the face of increasing energy costs and environmental regulations.

The power electronics are built directly onto the motor. A special technique is used to cast the motor casing as a single plastic component. The new power switches (IGBTs) are based on press pack technology and made to meet and overcome the tough conditions of mobile machinery. The demand for a small overall size, an increased efficiency at any operating point and an optimal dynamic performance, are critical points of the development. The uniquely compact 140 KW motor-generators have a weight of 130 kg and measurements of 440 mm x 290 mm x 405 mm, including the power electronics.

dhl-truck-300x192The electric motors can be accessed and controlled online via the CAN bus. Depending on the application, the moment, engine speed, output voltage or the rotor position can be regulated. The security and safety concept conforms to the safety class II DIN VDE 0100 and allows the safe handling of voltages of up to 750 volts.

Using powerMELA® offers significant fuel saving potential and a substantial decrease in pollutants. At the same time, the hybrid drive offers a very versatile drive solution which helps to meet the evolving needs of the end customer, and develop unique solutions in a competitive market.

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